Could Omicron bring the pandemic to an end?

Absolutely nobody can definitively answer this with robust reasoning based on what is known at this point in time, but IT IS a possibility. We should act with caution but also with hope in our hearts. Now some explanation, first an apposite anecdote. My first job after my PhD was researching the viral cause ofContinue reading “Could Omicron bring the pandemic to an end?”

The Great Reset: Inevitable, irreversible, deep-rooted in connection

The Great Reset is the era in human history that we entered (or which accelerated) in the COVID-19 pandemic where connection with ourselves, within society, and to the natural environment, and fairness, equity, inclusion and compassion superseded accumulation of material wealth and ‘winning’ as the primary aspiration within societies leading to more balanced and sustainableContinue reading “The Great Reset: Inevitable, irreversible, deep-rooted in connection”

Vale The Legendary Virologist Jean-Robert (JR) Bonami

Yesterday Zhengli informed me of the death on August 8th of Jean-Robert JR Bonami, her PhD supervisor, and for a brief while my mentor. No longer active in the field and within that community, I will express my condolences here in the hope that those to whom it means something will one day see them.Continue reading “Vale The Legendary Virologist Jean-Robert (JR) Bonami”

More On COVID-19 Origins And PM Morrison’s Tactics

I realise that for many the workings of a laboratory could seem very foreign and mysterious, ranging from mythical through to threatening depending on your leanings and predispositions to conspiracy theories. Few of us have a background in infectious disease, and it is always – for any of us – easy to take for grantedContinue reading “More On COVID-19 Origins And PM Morrison’s Tactics”

On The Origins Of COVID-19: My full and unabashed thoughts

As I often seem to do, I will start this post off with an admission. Most of last year I was hyper alert to how my public comments and my emails to my former colleague and friend, Dr Shi Zhengli, the lead scientist of the laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology which is world-renownedContinue reading “On The Origins Of COVID-19: My full and unabashed thoughts”