Carrying Over False Narratives From The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Hurt Vulnerable People In The Next Pandemic

To those who argue schools should not have closed – with full hindsight of what happened through the COVID pandemic rather than in the heat of moment not yet having a clear indication of the infection fatality rate (IFR), nor lifestage susceptibility variances, let alone long term implications from single or multiple infection, which weContinue reading “Carrying Over False Narratives From The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Hurt Vulnerable People In The Next Pandemic”

[RESET]> The ‘Great’ Australian House Price Bubble

A 20 year perspective In my “Open to Offers” post I gave credit to Jeremy Grantham of GMO for much of my understanding of bubbles. While accurate, absent context this gives a false impression of my own evolution. The truth is I have always been naturally contrarian. In reality I think all authentic contrarians areContinue reading “[RESET]> The ‘Great’ Australian House Price Bubble”

The Unity Bell

Those truly seeking productive workforces need to fit a bell curve to work tasks – not workers – to eradicate value-destroying, demoralising work There has been much talk recently of how organisations still adhere to the Jack Welch strategy of fitting a bell curve to performance of a workforce to pressure employees to increase productivity.Continue reading “The Unity Bell”

Guardians Of The Gulf Between Virtuous And Wicked

To err is human; but contrition felt for the crime distinguishes the virtuous from the wicked. — Vittorio Alfieri This past week it appeared that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) aimed to distinguish their actions through the pandemic from those of the wicked. Dr. Lowe’s contrition did not exercise my thoughts, however, in partContinue reading “Guardians Of The Gulf Between Virtuous And Wicked”

Australian Gas Asset Ownership Through The Energy Transition

In recent decades Australian politicians have been delinquent in their leadership* and this means that the Australian public has been slow to understand the myriad issues surrounding the energy transition even if recent election results show that concern over the climate crisis is growing rapidly.  Perhaps the most critical aspect of the energy transition is thatContinue reading “Australian Gas Asset Ownership Through The Energy Transition”

Pernicious Envy

“The world is not driven by greed. It is driven by envy”. Charlie Munger, Feb 2022, aged 98, Vice Chairman Berkshire Hathaway, Chairman Daily Journal Company, Billionaire, Genius. The pandemic-time reflecting that I first foresaw in February and March 2020 and discussed here at MacroEdgo revolves a great deal around envy. Envy has become integralContinue reading “Pernicious Envy”