Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 4 August

WHO Situation Report 196 for 3 August (released 4 August Brisbane, Australia, time) Globally: 17,918,582 confirmed cases (257,677 new), 686,703 deaths (5,810 new) I was prompted to write an update today because my friend Dr Shi Zhengli has, for the first time in this pandemic, written in some detail about her work for an article publishedContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 4 August”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 23 July

WHO Situation Report 184 for 22 July (released 23 July Brisbane, Australia, time) Globally: 14,765,256 confirmed cases (202,726 new), 612,054 deaths (4,286 new) Watching the progress at vaccine development is like riding a real roller coaster. One day the media is concentrating on the positive news from early stage trials with a particular vaccine candidate, theContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 23 July”

How Society Will Change If A COVID-19 Vaccine Is Elusive

I have expressed a reasonably supportive level of optimism towards the likelihood of the development of effective vaccines and/or treatments for COVID-19 since my first updates and report in early February. In my report in mid-February, however, when frustrated by how slow Governments and financial analysts were to recognise the challenges that we confronted, IContinue reading “How Society Will Change If A COVID-19 Vaccine Is Elusive”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 30 June

WHO Situation Report 161 for 29 June (released 30 June Brisbane, Australia, time) Globally: 10,021,401 confirmed cases (178,328 new), 499,913 deaths (4,153 new) From my earliest updates I understood that these numbers would escalate exponentially, so that when I was writing single digit numbers I knew very soon it would be double digit numbers, thenContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 30 June”

The Great Reset: Teaching What We Left Behind

Have you ever had a “Ratatouille” moment? Like in the animated movie where the food critic is instantaneously transported to a deeply cherished childhood memory when stimulated by an extraordinary event, in that case the first mouthful of a dish that invoked his mother’s ratatouille?  I have experienced it once in my life, and thereContinue reading “The Great Reset: Teaching What We Left Behind”

China Halts Salmon Imports On COVID-19 Transmission Concerns

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, European salmon exporters are prevented from exporting to China while authorities study the potential link with a new cluster of COVID-19 in Beijing after the virus was detected on cutting boards that were used to butcher imported salmon. This is precisely the scenario that I discussed in “COVID-19 andContinue reading “China Halts Salmon Imports On COVID-19 Transmission Concerns”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 15 June

WHO Situation Report 146 for 14 June (released 15 June Brisbane, Australia, time) Globally: 6,690,708 confirmed cases (137,526 new), 427,630 deaths (4,281 new) The US President shows no inclination to lead on much else other than creating division in society. Consequently the US with the UK remain the most severely impacted nations for which reasonableContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 15 June”