On The Origin Of COVID-19 And The Trade Difficulties With China

I have steadfastly criticised and praised Governments and other actors in the COVID-19 pandemic when and where I felt it was due. I agree with China’s sensitivity over Western innuendo about the origin of the virus that causes COVID-19. I realise that many will immediately dismiss this on the basis of my friendship with Dr. ShiContinue reading “On The Origin Of COVID-19 And The Trade Difficulties With China”

End Racism!

That the statement above the photo is relevant to me as an individual means that it is of equal relevance to my nationā€¦ We can never deal with our issues if we lack the courage to “pull back the carpet” and admit to our failingsā€¦ Admitting errors and failings is what takes true courage, notContinue reading “End Racism!”

The Great Reset: Momentum builds with the World Economic Forum agenda

I spent most of February and the first half of March 2020 banging away on my keyboard trying to wake up my fellow Australian residents to the risks of the coming COVID-19 pandemic so that through political self-interest elected politicians would enact policies necessary to protect those within the Australian borders and to help asContinue reading “The Great Reset: Momentum builds with the World Economic Forum agenda”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Update (Final)

I would rather make a difference than be acknowledged as being right In the daily update I included my up to date “optimism scale”. This is a scale that can move daily depending on latest developments. Extreme pessimism of 1 would entail confirmation that the virulence of the virus is such that infections result inContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Update (Final)”

The Great Reset: A letter to my Father and my ‘Sliding Doors’ self

Dear Dad It seems that lately we struggle to spend time together without quarreling. Neither of us are good at small talk, and the divergent path that I took in my life means that we no longer share much in common. Most importantly, we no longer see the world through similar frames of reference.  IContinue reading “The Great Reset: A letter to my Father and my ‘Sliding Doors’ self”

“We Mask Because We Care”

A business risk management strategy that benefits society How a business is seen to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic – how much customers perceive the business cares about their wellbeing – will be remembered long after we have forgotten the difference between vaccine efficacy and effectiveness. Last week I launched my campaign “Make This SummerContinue reading ““We Mask Because We Care””

Make This Summer Count!

An open letter to all Australian State and Territory Premiers, State and Territory Chief Health Officers, Prime Minister Morrison, Minister Hunt, and the Australian CMO Hello distinguished group. Firstly please allow me to thank you sincerely for collectively managing our response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has been very successful in comparison to most nations,Continue reading “Make This Summer Count!”