Uninvestable Markets

Yesterday I explained to my eldest son – studying economics and accounting in high schools, and currently reading Yannis Varoufakis’ brilliant book “Speaking to My Daughter” – why markets are fast becoming uninvestable. I explained that since the Global Financial Crisis the world’s central banks have experimented with monetary policy to such a degree thatContinue reading “Uninvestable Markets”

Your Life: Something The Elites Have Always Been Prepared To Sacrifice For Their Ends

Although unknown by most who play it, Monopoly was invented as an education tool to demonstrate the pitfalls of wealth being concentrated amongst a few. It was designed to be a warning of the danger of ‘Monopoly’! The history of the western world’s most popular board game is fascinating, especially in how it mirrored realityContinue reading “Your Life: Something The Elites Have Always Been Prepared To Sacrifice For Their Ends”

Toxic Masculinity and Political Footballs

As of writing on 11 May the Cedar Meats cluster of COVID-19 cases numbers at least 75 (it is difficult to confirm exact numbers) with at least 59 of those being people who have worked in the facility. According to the business operators around 400 people have worked there recently, so that means that aroundContinue reading “Toxic Masculinity and Political Footballs”

Institution At Heart Of Capitalist System Links Severe Pandemic Affects To Growth In Extremism

Studying the rise of Nazism in Germany, this new report by Kristian Blickle at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York draws a link between those regions worst affected by the 1918 flu pandemic and increased extremist voting. The source of the work is critical. It is not a left-wing thinktank that can be attackedContinue reading “Institution At Heart Of Capitalist System Links Severe Pandemic Affects To Growth In Extremism”

Open Letter To Queensland Premier Palaszczuk

This letter was submitted today via the online Contact The Premier portal. Dear Premier Palaszczuk On Monday evening my family sat down to watch 4 Corners. After 15 minutes my 15 year old eldest son, returning from the rest room, asked if we could turn off the program as it was upsetting him and makingContinue reading “Open Letter To Queensland Premier Palaszczuk”

COVID-19 and Food Safety in Processed Meat

Australia and the world must proceed cautiously with COVID-19 One of these diametrically opposite statements is correct. Which one is it? A) Freezing is a common method to kill and inactivate viruses, and typically the faster and deeper the freeze the more effective the treatment. OR B) Freezing is a common method to store andContinue reading “COVID-19 and Food Safety in Processed Meat”

Second Open Letter to PM Morrison

To: The Prime Minister, Minister for Health, and Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management Dear Messrs Morrison, Hunt and Littleproud I note the recent difficulties with meat processing in North America as workers have become ill with COVID-19 causing a large proportion of processing capacity to close. In response, President Trump today has signedContinue reading “Second Open Letter to PM Morrison”