Why The Rush Messrs. Morrison and Frydenberg?

We have all been duped, like in a classic Rob Mariano double-cross maneuvre in the Survivor series my family is currently binge watching. At the end of July, and early in the latest outbreak in Melbourne, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his aim was now “aggressive” suppression and when pressed on what that meant, clarifiedContinue reading “Why The Rush Messrs. Morrison and Frydenberg?”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 4 September

WHO has stopped releasing daily Situation Reports and wisely is publishing a dashboard (similar to Johns Hopkins). As at 6:31 pm CEST 3 September, there have been 25,884,895 confirmed cases globally with 859,130 deaths. It is difficult to believe that one whole month has passed since my last “Update”. Of course, I have not remained silentContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 4 September”

If After 30 Years of Unbroken Economic Growth Australia Can’t Afford To Protect It’s Most Vulnerable, Who Really Benefitted From That Economic Growth?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone the most intense of spotlights on the weaknesses in our societies including: the lack of cohesion and increase in racism, inequality in opportunity leading to lower living standards which results in far greater impacts especially on exploited minorities and temporary workers, and inadequate care for the elderly in part dueContinue reading “If After 30 Years of Unbroken Economic Growth Australia Can’t Afford To Protect It’s Most Vulnerable, Who Really Benefitted From That Economic Growth?”

COVID-19 Risks With Animals

Now that Prime Minister Morrison has clarified that the aim of Australia’s aggressive suppression strategy is zero community transmission, we need to begin to reposition to be more proactive rather than reactive towards COVID-19. Australia has long been a world leader in biosecurity policy and implementation, and together with our natural advantages from being aContinue reading “COVID-19 Risks With Animals”

On The Likelihood Of Transmission Of SARS-CoV-2 From Contaminated Meat

Executive Summary Citizens of countries that have fought off earlier waves of the COVID-19 pandemic rightly guard their (relative) freedom from COVID-19 fiercely. Remote and/or isolated communities, from small villages through to island nations such as those in the Pacific, many with limited resources to fight an outbreak, fear its introduction and need to focusContinue reading “On The Likelihood Of Transmission Of SARS-CoV-2 From Contaminated Meat”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 4 August

WHO Situation Report 196 for 3 August (released 4 August Brisbane, Australia, time) Globally: 17,918,582 confirmed cases (257,677 new), 686,703 deaths (5,810 new) I was prompted to write an update today because my friend Dr Shi Zhengli has, for the first time in this pandemic, written in some detail about her work for an article publishedContinue reading “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 4 August”