What Really Scares The Global Elites

The greatest fear of the Global Elite is NOT you having insufficient money to buy from them new cars, investment products, houses both new or to renovate (into 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 2 kitchen, 3 car garage McMansions), other impressive toys (like motor boats, jet skis, motorcycles, flashy jewellery, you name it), impressive life experiencesContinue reading “What Really Scares The Global Elites”

Redux: MacroEdgo’s Coronavirus Update of 11 February

I quote this particular update so frequently that I thought it prudent to have it in a separate post for quick and easy access. It also adds perspective to a great many aspects of the pandemic. Note that as of today I wrote this update 47 days ago. Then there had only been 1 deathContinue reading “Redux: MacroEdgo’s Coronavirus Update of 11 February”

Investment Theme: Defence and Military Spending

The ordering of this investment theme after the environmental theme was intentional. While the first theme – geopolitics – plays a part, in my mind climate change will be the primary cause of defence-related spending going forward. Some of this defence spending will be humanitarian in recognising the need for multi-national responses to increased climateContinue reading “Investment Theme: Defence and Military Spending”

Australian “Followship”

The majority of material in this report was the basis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) update 22 March. For me, it tells the story of Australia’s response thus far to COVID-19. Independently, these disparate data and opinion pieces add up to damning evidence in support of what I have argued on this site for 6 weeks thatContinue reading “Australian “Followship””

The First Victim of War is the Truth

The world is at war. Not within humanity but against a common foe – a disease, and more specifically the virus that causes the disease COVID-19. That makes it difficult for families to decide what is best for them, especially with regards to important decisions around schooling for children. On these pages I have beenContinue reading “The First Victim of War is the Truth”