The Introduction to “As He Saw It” by Elliott Roosevelt

By way of background, Elliott Roosevelt is the son of President Franklin Roosevelt (commonly referred to as FDR) who led the United States of America through its most challenging period of the 20th century from the Great Depression through to World War 2, from 1933 to his passing on 12 April 1945 as the warContinue reading “The Introduction to “As He Saw It” by Elliott Roosevelt”

The Magic Sauce of American Economic Dynamism Is Not Based on Personal Greed

Without doubt the United States of America is an incredible nation. Many successful Americans, along with those that “made it good” in America, talk about a “magic sauce” that has created the economic dynamism that drives American business and society. One of the greatest proponents of there being a “secret sauce” is Warren Buffett, widelyContinue reading “The Magic Sauce of American Economic Dynamism Is Not Based on Personal Greed”

The Conundrum Humanity Faces: But Nobody Admits

In this essay I distil down to a common sense level the interplay of Global population growth and climate change to explain the reality of what has been the impact of delaying both our progress towards global equality and innovative responses to climate change. Just imagine for one moment that at the completion of WorldContinue reading “The Conundrum Humanity Faces: But Nobody Admits”

Social Cohesion:The Best Vaccine Against Crises

As survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp mark the 75th anniversary of their liberation by appealing for people to remember the perils of indifference, the Wuhan coronavirus is set to test multicultural cohesiveness in a way that has not been tested since World War II.  The European Day for Remembrance of the Holocaust is 27thContinue reading “Social Cohesion:The Best Vaccine Against Crises”

Forget Trickle-down Economics: It Has Always Been Vacuum Up to the Elites

I have little time for most of the “talking heads” that appear on mainstream television and comment throughout the mainstream media, presenting themselves as all-knowing on economic and investing topics and seeing themselves as fulfilling a vital function in society telling people what they should think. Often these people have developed a quirky or folksyContinue reading “Forget Trickle-down Economics: It Has Always Been Vacuum Up to the Elites”

Quotas are necessary to address workplace diversity

As a single income family dependent on the income of an Asian-Australian female, and having two sons of obvious Asian-Australian descent, workplace diversity is an issue close to our hearts and it directly affects our security on many levels. For anybody wishing to authentically open their eyes to the challenges minorities face in their careersContinue reading “Quotas are necessary to address workplace diversity”

Investment Theme: Product and Food Miles

In this section I will concentrate heavily on my upbringing in rural Queensland because the trends are perhaps even more marked, and thus serve as an excellent example, but these same trends are just as relevant in urban centres. When I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in northern Queensland, every Saturday morning theContinue reading “Investment Theme: Product and Food Miles”

Let’s Wage War on Climate Change

War… Wo, wo, wo, what is it good for… I never cease to be amazed by the predisposition of human beings for wasting resources, but in reality the greatest waste of human beings through history has been OF human beings (as in their lives). To get a flavour of this there are several convenient sourcesContinue reading “Let’s Wage War on Climate Change”