Pernicious Envy

“The world is not driven by greed. It is driven by envy”. Charlie Munger, Feb 2022, aged 98, Vice Chairman Berkshire Hathaway, Chairman Daily Journal Company, Billionaire, Genius. The pandemic-time reflecting that I first foresaw in February and March 2020 and discussed here at MacroEdgo revolves a great deal around envy. Envy has become integralContinue reading “Pernicious Envy”

The Great Reset: An explainer

After walking amongst humanity for a while, cycles beyond the seasons or clothing and hairstyles become noticeable. These cycles are noticeable also in political beliefs, and although that can seem boring to understand, it’s important because the political system affects all of us. Perhaps the most important political cycle that affects everyone is the balanceContinue reading “The Great Reset: An explainer”