Public Contributions

As outlined on the About page, I have been publicly contributing to the national debate on housing affordability, taxation, and the finance industry for over a decade.

Below are links to publicly available documents or to the submitted version of those policy papers which were not made publicly available, and below that are letters written and received.

Government Policy Submissions

Senate Select Committee on Housing Affordability in Australia
Testimony given in Brisbane 14/4/2008 recorded in Hansard (here or download PDF)

Competition Within The Australian Banking System


Submission to 2020 Summit

Henry Taxation Review: Australia’s Future Tax System

Competition Within the Australian Banking Sector
List of all Submissions

Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry

Letters to Members of Parliaments and their Responses

State and Federal Politicians
Kevin Rudd (Griffith), Anna Bligh (South Brisbane), Kerry Rea (Bonner) and Chris Bombolas (Chatsworth)

Australian Treasurer
Wayne Swann

Response from Office of Treasurer
Ian Davidoff

Various Research Reports Produced

Current State of Australia’s Housing Market

Updated Forecast on Brisbane House Prices

The Greatest Bubble in History

House Prices to Earnings Ratios

Buy V Rent

Buy V Rent (Updated)

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