The Human-Time Paradox

Hours and even days, weeks and months often seem to creep by at snail’s pace, yet years and decades always whizz by in the blink of an eye.

Solve that paradox in your own personal context and you have the foundation for a contented and thus satisfying life.

  • How to Look After “Our Own First”

    8th Aug 2020 by

    I took part in a focus group for Global Citizen a few weeks back. I was thrilled to be asked to participate as it is an organisation with which I share so many values. My own mantra that I developed through MacroEdgo is “United Humanity” and my email signature is as follows: We have learned… Read more

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 4 August

    4th Aug 2020 by

    WHO Situation Report 196 for 3 August (released 4 August Brisbane, Australia, time) Globally: 17,918,582 confirmed cases (257,677 new), 686,703 deaths (5,810 new) I was prompted to write an update today because my friend Dr Shi Zhengli has, for the first time in this pandemic, written in some detail about her work for an article published… Read more

  • Debate on COVID-19 Elimination in Australia: Facebook Post

    17th Jul 2020 by

    “This war will never be forgotten, nor will the heroes who fight in it” – Odysseus to Achilles in the motion picture “Troy”… Now that through my work at MacroEdgo I have succeeded at playing a role in initiating a national debate on elimination, I will drop off a little on my FB posts. In… Read more

  • How Society Will Change If A COVID-19 Vaccine Is Elusive

    9th Jul 2020 by

    I have expressed a reasonably supportive level of optimism towards the likelihood of the development of effective vaccines and/or treatments for COVID-19 since my first updates and report in early February. In my report in mid-February, however, when frustrated by how slow Governments and financial analysts were to recognise the challenges that we confronted, I… Read more

  • The Great Reset: Teaching What We Left Behind

    20th Jun 2020 by

    Have you ever had a “Ratatouille” moment? Like in the animated movie where the food critic is instantaneously transported to a deeply cherished childhood memory when stimulated by an extraordinary event, in that case the first mouthful of a dish that invoked his mother’s ratatouille?  I have experienced it once in my life, and there… Read more

  • An Education In Equality And Disadvantage

    16th Jun 2020 by

    This is powerful… I especially like how she uses the game Monopoly as an analogy to explain disadvantage… In my post “Your Life: Something The Elites Have Always Been Prepared To Sacrifice For Their Ends” I also used a Monopoly analogy, in that case explaining how the top 10% own 7/8 of the board, with… Read more

  • Trump Aims To Be President Beyond 2024

    2nd Jun 2020 by

    I recall voicing concern about the encroachment of American culture in Australia during discussions with fellow students while I was studying for my PhD. I would suggest that when I was a child in each suburban street there would be many kids out playing cricket, but that every second house seemed to have erected a… Read more

  • Toxic Masculinity and Political Footballs

    12th May 2020 by

    As of writing on 11 May the Cedar Meats cluster of COVID-19 cases numbers at least 75 (it is difficult to confirm exact numbers) with at least 59 of those being people who have worked in the facility. According to the business operators around 400 people have worked there recently, so that means that around… Read more

  • COVID-19 and Food Safety in Processed Meat

    1st May 2020 by

    Australia and the world must proceed cautiously with COVID-19 One of these diametrically opposite statements is correct. Which one is it? A) Freezing is a common method to kill and inactivate viruses, and typically the faster and deeper the freeze the more effective the treatment. OR B) Freezing is a common method to store and… Read more

  • The Great Reset

    30th Mar 2020 by

    This is a post of hope. Of promise. Of potential within our grasp if we have the courage to reach for it. The commencement discusses markets because they give a verifiable account of the slow reaction to the threat that COVID-19 posed to humanity. The latter discussion opens up to encompass implications and aspirations for… Read more

  • People Before Money

    27th Mar 2020 by

    Why are our right wing political “followers” so reluctant to choose society over economy – people over money – saving lives over more deaths? The answer is simple… Because their political power comes from the elites, the people who use their power within society to get what they want from it damn others, the people… Read more

  • The Conundrum Humanity Faces: But Nobody Admits

    9th Feb 2020 by

    In this essay I distil down to a common sense level the interplay of Global population growth and climate change to explain the reality of what has been the impact of delaying both our progress towards global equality and innovative responses to climate change. Just imagine for one moment that at the completion of World… Read more

  • Social Cohesion:The Best Vaccine Against Crises

    3rd Feb 2020 by

    As survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp mark the 75th anniversary of their liberation by appealing for people to remember the perils of indifference, the Wuhan coronavirus is set to test multicultural cohesiveness in a way that has not been tested since World War II.  The European Day for Remembrance of the Holocaust is 27th… Read more

  • Introducing MacroEdgo

    21st Oct 2019 by

    This site encompasses economic, investment, financial, business and managerial analysis and life philosophy. It is unapologetically challenging!  If you do not take with a grain of salt some of what I say here then I have failed in my aim. I pride myself on being ahead of the curve and absolutely feel uncomfortable being a… Read more

  • About

    20th Oct 2019 by

    I am an ex-scientist and believe in full disclosure… so here is the full story… Check out my Curriculum Vitae for my career as a scientist. Check out my Investment History. Firstly, why the “Edgo” in “MacroEdgo”. I come from the small agricultural town of Innisfail in northern Queensland where my Great Grandparents were pioneers… Read more

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 23 July

    23rd Jul 2020 by

    WHO Situation Report 184 for 22 July (released 23 July Brisbane, Australia, time) Globally: 14,765,256 confirmed cases (202,726 new), 612,054 deaths (4,286 new) Watching the progress at vaccine development is like riding a real roller coaster. One day the media is concentrating on the positive news from early stage trials with a particular vaccine candidate, the… Read more

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 30 June

    30th Jun 2020 by

    WHO Situation Report 161 for 29 June (released 30 June Brisbane, Australia, time) Globally: 10,021,401 confirmed cases (178,328 new), 499,913 deaths (4,153 new) From my earliest updates I understood that these numbers would escalate exponentially, so that when I was writing single digit numbers I knew very soon it would be double digit numbers, then… Read more

  • China Halts Salmon Imports On COVID-19 Transmission Concerns

    16th Jun 2020 by

    According to The Sydney Morning Herald, European salmon exporters are prevented from exporting to China while authorities study the potential link with a new cluster of COVID-19 in Beijing after the virus was detected on cutting boards that were used to butcher imported salmon. This is precisely the scenario that I discussed in “COVID-19 and… Read more

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