The Human-Time Paradox

Hours and even days, weeks and months often seem to creep by at snail’s pace, yet years and decades always whizz by in the blink of an eye.

Solve that paradox in your own personal context and you have the foundation for a contented and thus satisfying life.

  • Australian “Followship”

    23rd Mar 2020 by

    The majority of material in this report was the basis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) update 22 March. For me, it tells the story of Australia’s response thus far to COVID-19. Independently, these disparate data and opinion pieces add up to damning evidence in support of what I have argued on this site for 6 weeks that… Read more

  • The First Victim of War is the Truth

    20th Mar 2020 by

    The world is at war. Not within humanity but against a common foe – a disease, and more specifically the virus that causes the disease COVID-19. That makes it difficult for families to decide what is best for them, especially with regards to important decisions around schooling for children. On these pages I have been… Read more

  • Repeat After Me, This is NOT SARS: COVID-19 is much worse

    24th Feb 2020 by

    If I had a dollar for every 5 minute expert in the business media calling for a V-shaped recovery, like occurred after the SARS outbreak 17 years ago, I would be rich even before I took it and added to my growing portfolio of shorts… The reference to my short portfolio is not made flippantly,… Read more

  • Politics Vs Society in the Coronavirus Outbreak

    21st Feb 2020 by

    Anybody with a rudimentary understanding of infectious disease should have understood by the start of February or earlier that the coronavirus outbreak had not been contained to Wuhan or wider China. While the Chinese Government has come under fire from some quarters for not acting quickly to report the outbreak and to enact containment measures,… Read more

  • The Conundrum Humanity Faces: But Nobody Admits

    9th Feb 2020 by

    In this essay I distil down to a common sense level the interplay of Global population growth and climate change to explain the reality of what has been the impact of delaying both our progress towards global equality and innovative responses to climate change. Just imagine for one moment that at the completion of World… Read more

  • Social Cohesion:The Best Vaccine Against Crises

    3rd Feb 2020 by

    As survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp mark the 75th anniversary of their liberation by appealing for people to remember the perils of indifference, the Wuhan coronavirus is set to test multicultural cohesiveness in a way that has not been tested since World War II.  The European Day for Remembrance of the Holocaust is 27th… Read more

  • Introducing MacroEdgo

    21st Oct 2019 by

    This site encompasses economic, investment, financial, business and managerial analysis and life philosophy. It is unapologetically challenging!  If you do not take with a grain of salt some of what I say here then I have failed in my aim. I pride myself on being ahead of the curve and absolutely feel uncomfortable being a… Read more

  • About

    20th Oct 2019 by

    I am an ex-scientist and believe in full disclosure… so here is the full story… Check out my Curriculum Vitae for my career as a scientist. Check out my Investment History. Firstly, why the “Edgo” in “MacroEdgo”. I come from the small agricultural town of Innisfail in northern Queensland where my Great Grandparents were pioneers… Read more

  • People Before Money

    27th Mar 2020 by

    Why are our right wing political “followers” so reluctant to choose society over economy – people over money – saving lives over more deaths? The answer is simple… Because their political power comes from the elites, the people who use their power within society to get what they want from it damn others, the people… Read more

  • Investment Theme: Defence and Military Spending

    26th Mar 2020 by

    The ordering of this investment theme after the environmental theme was intentional. While the first theme – geopolitics – plays a part, in my mind climate change will be the primary cause of defence-related spending going forward. Some of this defence spending will be humanitarian in recognising the need for multi-national responses to increased climate… Read more

  • COVID-19 Elephants in the Room

    10th Mar 2020 by

    Something has been in the back of my mind – a nagging concern – that I did not really want to acknowledge even to myself. This is a new viral disease to humanity. The very basics are barely understood such as what type of disease does it cause and how severe is it, how does… Read more

  • No, She Won’t Be Alright Mate

    6th Mar 2020 by

    OK, I have tried to be a “team player” and not be (seen to be) alarmist but it’s time to start YELLING (well talk sternly, anyhow). It seems that I am not alone in feeling like this (actually, I have noticed that I am getting a regular reader from Switzerland, and I have noticed an… Read more

  • Politics and Biosecurity

    4th Mar 2020 by

    This is an article that I always intended to write on my site. I just never imagined that it would be this poignant, no, critical for Australians… It is January 2001 and I am sitting in the office of my then boss, Dr Bernie Robinson, in the Edmund Barton Building in Canberra along with his… Read more

  • Dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic

    1st Mar 2020 by

    Firstly, I initially said that I was going to restrict this to only people who signed my petition, Je suis Chinois, but the reality is that I do not have it in me to restrict important information. If I did that then I would be no better than those who seek to divide us. All… Read more

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