The Human-Time Paradox

Hours and even days, weeks and months often seem to creep by at snail’s pace, yet years and decades always whizz by in the blink of an eye.

Solve that paradox in your own personal context and you have the foundation for a contented and thus satisfying life.

  • The Great Reset: Inevitable, irreversible, deep-rooted in connection

    19th Nov 2021 by

    The Great Reset is the era in human history that we entered (or which accelerated) in the COVID-19 pandemic where connection with ourselves, within society, and to the natural environment, and fairness, equity, inclusion and compassion superseded accumulation of material wealth and ‘winning’ as the primary aspiration within societies leading to more balanced and sustainable… Read more

  • Vale The Legendary Virologist Jean-Robert (JR) Bonami

    8th Oct 2021 by

    Yesterday Zhengli informed me of the death on August 8th of Jean-Robert JR Bonami, her PhD supervisor, and for a brief while my mentor. No longer active in the field and within that community, I will express my condolences here in the hope that those to whom it means something will one day see them.… Read more

  • For The Sons Of Deeply Insecure Men

    9th Sep 2021 by

    When I was an early teen I felt deeply insecure in my family. In many ways I felt like I was treated as foolish by them following the lead of my father. Perhaps it is normal that the youngest child is taken less seriously by the family, or perhaps that is a common perception of… Read more

  • Australia’s Children Left Onboard Affair

    7th Aug 2021 by

    My first cartoon attempt – “The Children Left Onboard Affair”… I wanted to include New Zealand with a ‘ring of steel’ around it and a rainbow, and Jacinda Ardern saying “see you in 8 weeks – good luck”… Seems strange, does it not, that in a major global catastrophe we are saying “sorry, children to… Read more

  • On The Origins Of COVID-19: My full and unabashed thoughts

    8th Jul 2021 by

    As I often seem to do, I will start this post off with an admission. Most of last year I was hyper alert to how my public comments and my emails to my former colleague and friend, Dr Shi Zhengli, the lead scientist of the laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology which is world-renowned… Read more

  • The Great Reset Era Theme: Investing in family and community connection

    26th Jun 2021 by

    Excerpted from “Full Thoughts On Prof. Michael Sandel’s Meritocracy Discourse: Part 2“ Prof. Sandel [in “The Tyranny of Merit: What’s become of the common good”] makes almost no mention of the importance of family, which is an enormous pity as this is an obviously critical issue in social cohesion and feelings of attachment within society.… Read more

  • The Great Reset Era Theme: The education revolution

    26th Jun 2021 by

    Excerpted from “Full Thoughts On Prof. Michael Sandel’s Meritocracy Discourse: Part 2“ In “The Tyranny of Merit: What’s become of the common good” Prof. Michael Sandel, with his experience over four decades as a Harvard University lecturer, provides significant detail on his observation of the growth in competition for positions at universities perceived as being… Read more

  • The Great Reset Era Theme: A global village based on ‘Quality Globalisation’

    26th Jun 2021 by

    Excerpted from “Full Thoughts On Prof. Michael Sandel’s Meritocracy Discourse: Part 2“ Solidarity at the national level is preferable to having polarised societies, indeed, but the true challenges to a sustainable and thriving humanity depend on cohesion of the global community. That reality is increasingly understood in the battle against the climate crisis and it… Read more

  • Full Thoughts On Prof. Michael Sandel’s Meritocracy Discourse: Part 2

    22nd Jun 2021 by

    In the first part of this essay I expressed my support for Prof. Sandel’s views with some qualifications on what I believe are the most important factors in the polarised societies many developed nations are now experiencing. Specifically my view is that this polarity is due to the inequality itself more so than distrust of… Read more

  • Humanity Needs Good People In Tough Jobs

    4th Jun 2021 by

    Firstly an admission – I am bogged down in writing part 2 of my response to Sandel’s ‘meritocracy’ discourse because it encompasses three large areas which I had intended to write individual posts on and for which I had developed extensive notes. That highlights how important that response is to me, but it also means… Read more

  • How Farmers Lose Their Perspective

    25th May 2021 by

    What was running through my father’s enraged mind that night I will never know — he is too emotionally repressed to ever be able to even acknowledge it happened let alone give me closure on what he was thinking as he was fully loading his revolver — but I have had to live my life… Read more

  • My Fraught Journey To Women

    30th Apr 2021 by

    Prologue It’s fitting that even the prologue I commence with an admission. Rarely for my posts, I sort advice on whether to publish this because it contains embarrassing, personal information that I felt that I would rather not make public if my confidants suggested that this article was unlikely to have any impact. I also… Read more

  • Navin’s Beautiful Memoir For His Courageous Mother

    26th Mar 2021 by

    To celebrate the 100th post on MacroEdgo I am honoured to publish for the first time the work of an extremely talented young man who is destined to make a real difference for humanity, my 12 year old son. This is a school assignment which was just too good to not be read by a… Read more

  • Racial Prejudice and Bias: A matter of degrees

    2nd Mar 2021 by

    Bias and prejudice is expressed in varying degrees across society, and that makes combatting it challenging as detection is often problematic even for those it is directed against. Why is it that a salesperson treated you with condescension? Why was your application to rent a home rejected even though you are an executive in a… Read more

  • The Lie Of Reverse Racism

    5th Feb 2021 by

    The lie of reverse racism is one of the chief tools of the racist to create division and draw people to their side. I realised this early when I first began to reflect on the racism which I learned from my upbringing in conservative northern Queensland. “Oh they receive so many hand-outs from the Government… Read more

  • An Explanation of Black Lives Matter

    1st Feb 2021 by

    To A Good Person Who Did Not Understand I have just had a conversation on social media with somebody who I have known since childhood, and who I know to be a lovely, and true and honest spirit. It was not just that conversation, however, that prompted me to publish my comments in full here.… Read more

  • Nobody is Perfect: We men must keep trying

    31st Jan 2021 by

    On the morning of Thursday 21 January 2021 in Australia I sat and watched transfixed on the television in awe as somebody spoke to and for all of humanity. That person described themself as “a skinny Black girl descended from slaves and raised by a single mother” who now knew it is possible that they… Read more

  • Racism and Political Correctness

    11th Jan 2021 by

    It is time that I explicitly state my views on racism. The issue which I consider goes right to the heart of dealing with racism in Australia is political correctness, which is ironic because political correctness is perhaps the most often stated justification by racists for the need to express their beliefs.  The racists’ argument… Read more

  • The Great Reset: Building the bridge

    3rd Jan 2021 by

    What would you think if I sang out of tune?Would you stand up and walk out on me?Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a songAnd I’ll try not to sing out of key Oh, I get by with a little help from my friendsMm, I get high with a little help from my… Read more

  • The Great Reset: Momentum builds with the World Economic Forum agenda

    27th Dec 2020 by

    I spent most of February and the first half of March 2020 banging away on my keyboard trying to wake up my fellow Australian residents to the risks of the coming COVID-19 pandemic so that through political self-interest elected politicians would enact policies necessary to protect those within the Australian borders and to help as… Read more

  • How Might Milton Friedman Respond To The COVID-19 Pandemic?

    2nd Nov 2020 by

    I have written extensively detailing my views on why conservatives are hell-bent on minimising introductions of stringent measures to retard the COVID-19 pandemic in their jurisdictions which would reduce preventable deaths. It boils down to their political power base being the business class elite, and their greatest fear is that The Great Reset will lead… Read more

  • How I Re-made Myself After A Breakdown

    10th Sep 2020 by

    I have 23 cousins on my father’s side, but when I was a young boy, Ernie stood out above all others. Ernie was my brother’s age, 8 years older than me, and he was a real farm boy. He was always with my Uncle Charlie on his frequent visits to help Dad out in our… Read more

  • If After 30 Years of Unbroken Economic Growth Australia Can’t Afford To Protect It’s Most Vulnerable, Who Really Benefitted From That Economic Growth?

    29th Aug 2020 by

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shone the most intense of spotlights on the weaknesses in our societies including: the lack of cohesion and increase in racism, inequality in opportunity leading to lower living standards which results in far greater impacts especially on exploited minorities and temporary workers, and inadequate care for the elderly in part due… Read more

  • How to Look After “Our Own First”

    8th Aug 2020 by

    I took part in a focus group for Global Citizen a few weeks back. I was thrilled to be asked to participate as it is an organisation with which I share so many values. My own mantra that I developed through MacroEdgo is “United Humanity” and my email signature is as follows: We have learned… Read more

  • How Society Will Change If A COVID-19 Vaccine Is Elusive

    9th Jul 2020 by

    I have expressed a reasonably supportive level of optimism towards the likelihood of the development of effective vaccines and/or treatments for COVID-19 since my first updates and report in early February. In my report in mid-February, however, when frustrated by how slow Governments and financial analysts were to recognise the challenges that we confronted, I… Read more

  • The Great Reset: Teaching What We Left Behind

    20th Jun 2020 by

    Have you ever had a “Ratatouille” moment? Like in the animated movie where the food critic is instantaneously transported to a deeply cherished childhood memory when stimulated by an extraordinary event, in that case the first mouthful of a dish that invoked his mother’s ratatouille?  I have experienced it once in my life, and there… Read more

  • The Great Reset

    30th Mar 2020 by

    This is a post of hope. Of promise. Of potential within our grasp if we have the courage to reach for it. The commencement discusses markets because they give a verifiable account of the slow reaction to the threat that COVID-19 posed to humanity. The latter discussion opens up to encompass implications and aspirations for… Read more

  • The Conundrum Humanity Faces: But Nobody Admits

    9th Feb 2020 by

    In this essay I distil down to a common sense level the interplay of Global population growth and climate change to explain the reality of what has been the impact of delaying both our progress towards global equality and innovative responses to climate change. Just imagine for one moment that at the completion of World… Read more

  • Social Cohesion:The Best Vaccine Against Crises

    3rd Feb 2020 by

    As survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp mark the 75th anniversary of their liberation by appealing for people to remember the perils of indifference, the Wuhan coronavirus is set to test multicultural cohesiveness in a way that has not been tested since World War II.  The European Day for Remembrance of the Holocaust is 27th… Read more

  • Introducing MacroEdgo

    21st Oct 2019 by

    This site encompasses economic, investment, financial, business and managerial analysis and life philosophy. It is unapologetically challenging!  If you do not take with a grain of salt some of what I say here then I have failed in my aim. I pride myself on being ahead of the curve and absolutely feel uncomfortable being a… Read more

  • About

    20th Oct 2019 by

    I am an ex-scientist and believe in full disclosure… so here is the full story… Check out my Curriculum Vitae for my career as a scientist. Check out my Investment History. Firstly, why the “Edgo” in “MacroEdgo”. I come from the small agricultural town of Innisfail in northern Queensland where my Great Grandparents were pioneers… Read more

  • More On COVID-19 Origins And PM Morrison’s Tactics

    17th Jul 2021 by

    I realise that for many the workings of a laboratory could seem very foreign and mysterious, ranging from mythical through to threatening depending on your leanings and predispositions to conspiracy theories. Few of us have a background in infectious disease, and it is always – for any of us – easy to take for granted… Read more

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