The Great Resignation In The Context Of The Great Reset

At this point in the Great Reset era we have heard most about the Great Resignation (or Great Reshuffle) which is unsurprising as businesses wonder aloud why they are finding it challenging to retain their workers and how to attract talented workers.

Some employers are even sceptical, and have suggested workers may regret their actions, especially as interest rate increases result in more challenging economic times which employers believe will give them more leverage over their workers.

Those who lead organisations would be wise to accept that the Great Resignation is just one, albeit important, feature of this new Great Reset era.

What is occurring is much deeper and goes to our identity and our perceptions of self-value.

Collectively we are all acknowledging that our lives are short and precious, and that we want to live the best versions of ourselves.

While the majority of us continue to trade for income our most valuable time and energy of our lives – for over 40 hrs each week for 48 to 50 weeks each year from our late teens or early 20s through to our 60s – we are going to continually assess whether that situation is working for us and whether it allows us to be who we really want to be.

Organisations that thrive in the Great Reset era will be those whose leaders engage authentically and deeply in compassionate wellness with their fellow human beings.

Published on LinkedIn on 9 August 2022.

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