I would rather make a difference than be acknowledged as being right

That is the attitude that I applied through the pandemic right from my first seminal post on ‘the coronavirus outbreak’ on 3 February 2020 in “Social Cohesion: The best vaccine against crises“.

I allowed myself to say from late 2022 that my prescient analysis and forecasting through the pandemic was unrivalled in Australia, and I will maintain that for my remaining years. My accuracy is verifiable in the archives of these pages and that is enough for me. I would urge anybody who does seek to substantiate this claim to first read my “Coronavirus Update” from 11 February 2020 to get a clear idea of just how ahead of the curve I was compared to even other (former) scientists (below in archives, though I did later put it in a separate post as I referred to it so often).

Nearly every article I posted through this period related in some way to COVID-19 so there is little point to separating these here. Simply look through the blog roll to select a post.

I will, however, highlight that I consider the most important posts now those where I turned my attention to emerging from the pandemic positively which I did already from late March 2020, not long after Australia’s international borders finally closed, starting with “People Before Money“, “The Great Reset“, and “What Really Scares The Global Elites“.

I consider that the pandemic ushered in a new era in human history, which will be accepted some time in the future by historians, which I suggest is best referred to as The Great Reset era indicative of how we all sort a better quality of life more in balance with work and our broader identities in society, and with nature, following the collective pandemic-time reflecting we all engaged in. It is a period of pragmatic realism and a determination to address the serious challenges humanity confronts in achieving social cohesion and addressing the climate crisis.

Final “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus (COVID) updates from:

9 – 24 February 2020

25 Feb – 13 Mar 2020

14 Mar – 15 Apr 2020

15 Apr – 9 Oct 2020

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