What Really Scares The Global Elites

The greatest fear of the Global Elite is NOT you having insufficient money to buy from them new cars, investment products, houses both new or to renovate (into 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 2 kitchen, 3 car garage McMansions), other impressive toys (like motor boats, jet skis, motorcycles, flashy jewellery, you name it), impressive life experiences that may create envy in others, or the multitude of other ways that us “consumers” spend our “disposable income”. 

What the Global Elite really fear is you developing insufficient ASPIRATION to acquire all of those things!

That in this time of solitude, with painful loss experienced by so many families, when the Jones’s who must be kept up with are less visible to us, societies of people might reflect on what it is that nourishes souls and gives meaning, and that we collectively might decide that is not continual wasteful mindless consumerism hand in hand with higher consumer debt.

The Global Elite fear what I have termed “The Great Reset” because they know that major global events often are accompanied by this psychological reset.

That is why the Global Elite are so concerned to end the lockdowns as soon as possible. They want to get everyone back on their hamster wheels – of working more and more to earn more and more to buy more and more things with the aim of impressing others – before those habits are lost for a generation.

Don’t be a dope and allow yourself to be manipulated!

Although the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel remains a long way, together we really can make that light bigger and brighter than ever before if we only have the courage to grasp it.


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© Copyright Brett Edgerton 2020

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