Quiet Quitting

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Quiet quitting – the term – is a misnomer. 

Most assume that it is about quitting on a job. It is not.

It is about quitting, or refusing to participate, in a system that has progressively become unsustainable because it is unfulfilling and unhealthy to those within it.

Extreme capitalism is what is being quit!

Quiet quitting is an appropriate and compassionate action to take and it is a part of major changes that come together in a new era which I refer to as the Great Reset.

What needs to be asked is not whether it is acceptable that a colleague does just what they are paid to do, nothing more, nothing less.

What really needs to be asked is whether a colleague should be permitted to outcompete others purely in terms of hours worked.

If someone feels insecure at proving their value from a set number of working hours, with their unique combination of hard, intense and efficient work (relating to intelligence including EQ), should they be permitted to work uncapped hours to outcompete others who may not be able to work extra hours because of any number of reasons related to their broader lives (i.e. parenthood, other caring roles, and other giving roles within society including self-development and self-care)?

Of course the employers and self-interested managers within the system are not going to recognise this and support or even agree with the need for this change; Extreme capitalism benefits their self-interests and many feel they are due this from subordinates or employees because it is what they did to achieve their status.

With no cap to permitted work hours, within a system based on domination from imperialist white-supremacist patriarchy, insecure workers in large organisations take on more and more meaningless, ‘bullshit’ (from David Graeber’s work), just-in-case tasks that are pointless and soul-destroying, while in small business they remain vulnerable to exploitation as there are few other options where a compassion imperative is enacted.

Like all Real change this is being driven by people power. 

It requires self-reflection on what is really important in your life. Many have done that work for themselves through the pandemic and have decided to quietly quit on Extreme capitalism.

There is nothing to be afraid of, you just need to be honest with yourself on one question – Did I feel fulfilled with the life that I was living in 2019?

If the honest answer is No, then you need to ask yourself whether you really want to return to it as pandemic measures become forgotten and employers push for a return to ‘normal’, the normal that favoured them so greatly.

Perhaps quiet quitting is the most compassionate thing you can do for you.

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