Investment Theme: Defence and Military Spending

The ordering of this investment theme after the environmental theme was intentional. While the first theme – geopolitics – plays a part, in my mind climate change will be the primary cause of defence-related spending going forward. Some of this defence spending will be humanitarian in recognising the need for multi-national responses to increased climateContinue reading “Investment Theme: Defence and Military Spending”

Australian “Followship”

The majority of material in this report was the basis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) update 22 March. For me, it tells the story of Australia’s response thus far to COVID-19. Independently, these disparate data and opinion pieces add up to damning evidence in support of what I have argued on this site for 6 weeks thatContinue reading “Australian “Followship””

The First Victim of War is the Truth

The world is at war. Not within humanity but against a common foe – a disease, and more specifically the virus that causes the disease COVID-19. That makes it difficult for families to decide what is best for them, especially with regards to important decisions around schooling for children. On these pages I have beenContinue reading “The First Victim of War is the Truth”

Australian politicians care more about the health of our prawns and bananas than about people

Australians need to wake up – your politicians right now are deciding between jobs and high house prices on the one hand, and a higher death rate amongst over 40 year olds on the other. Between economic activity and people’s lives. In this time of global pandemic, Australia has a choice. Use our significant advantageContinue reading “Australian politicians care more about the health of our prawns and bananas than about people”

Repeat After Me, This is NOT SARS: COVID-19 is much worse

If I had a dollar for every 5 minute expert in the business media calling for a V-shaped recovery, like occurred after the SARS outbreak 17 years ago, I would be rich even before I took it and added to my growing portfolio of shorts… The reference to my short portfolio is not made flippantly,Continue reading “Repeat After Me, This is NOT SARS: COVID-19 is much worse”

Politics Vs Society in the Coronavirus Outbreak

Anybody with a rudimentary understanding of infectious disease should have understood by the start of February or earlier that the coronavirus outbreak had not been contained to Wuhan or wider China. While the Chinese Government has come under fire from some quarters for not acting quickly to report the outbreak and to enact containment measures,Continue reading “Politics Vs Society in the Coronavirus Outbreak”