I studied for a Graduate Certificate in Commerce at Griffith University. I was encouraged to do it by loved ones to get out into society a little more, since being a home parent is isolating, and especially so for Dads, and I was toying with the idea of starting a financial planning business.

In doing so I was awarded a Griffith Award for Academic Excellence 2014.

Below is excerpted from my assignment for Retirement and Estate Planning; I planned for it to be my business manifesto (of course Appendix 2 would have been updated as events dictated, though I include it here for interest as it was written in May 2014).

Investing and Wealth Accumulation for Retirement


I would suggest that the greatest uncertainty, and thus the greatest risk to the longevity of your savings in retirement, revolves around investment returns.

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Appendix 1.

Investment Considerations: unlearning some of the “truisms”

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Appendix 2.

Economic Backdrop and Other Factors for Consideration

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