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I am working on a number of important pieces which will be posted in due course. Please subscribe to be notified of new posts at the bottom of this page. Upcoming posts include:

Major Release: Xenophobia must be addressed for an effective response to climate change inclusive of global population growth (published 2/12/19)

Investment Theme: Product and Food Miles (listed here 18/11/19; published 28/1/20)

Investment Theme: Defence and Military Spending (listed here 18/11/19)

Investment Theme: Autonomous Vehicles (listed here 18/11/19)

Investment Theme: Debt Monetisation (listed here 18/11/19)

Investment Theme: More Time for Personal Fulfillment (listed here 18/11/19)

Investment Theme: Education Revolution (listed here 18/11/19)

Markets: The voting machine may seem to be winning at present, but the weighing machine will surely reassert itself (listed here 18/11/19)

The RBA admits housing is the Australian economy (listed here 18/11/19)

Quotas are necessary to address workplace diversity (listed here 18/11/19; published 28/1/20)

The authenticity piece for leadership is right in my wheelhouse (listed here 18/11/19; published 28/11/19)

Let’s wage war on Climate Change (listed here 18/11/19; published 21/1/20)

My solution to The Human Time Paradox: a work in progress (listed here 18/11/19)

Forget trickle-down economics; our economic system is based on a siphoning up of resources to the elites, as it has always been (listed here 18/11/19; published 30/1/20)

The most under-rated and undiscussed lessons from Buffett and Munger are the most important (listed here 18/11/19)

Compare the two: homes4aussies 2008 forecast for Brisbane house prices V high-end realestate agency Johnston Dixon (listed here 22/11/19)

Where you can buy a home for under $60K costs included (listed here 18/11/19; hint see House Hunters International S149 episode 8 “Time to Chill in Abruzzo”)

Writing my own professional history: how to retire from science by 34 (listed here 22/11/19)

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