An Education In Equality And Disadvantage

This is powerful… I especially like how she uses the game Monopoly as an analogy to explain disadvantage… In my post “Your Life: Something The Elites Have Always Been Prepared To Sacrifice For Their Ends” I also used a Monopoly analogy, in that case explaining how the top 10% own 7/8 of the board, with just the first 1/8 of the board, with the cheapest properties, and poignantly “income tax”, shared amongst the remaining 90%… As Kimberley Jones explains, African-Americans are mostly at the bottom of that remaining 90% who own nothing on the board, after playing the game for 450 years with the rules biased against them, and most have nothing to lose by flipping the board entirely… I love her final statement to be grateful black people only want equality and not revenge!

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