“We Mask Because We Care”

A business risk management strategy that benefits society

How a business is seen to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic – how much customers perceive the business cares about their wellbeing – will be remembered long after we have forgotten the difference between vaccine efficacy and effectiveness.

Last week I launched my campaign “Make This Summer Count” calling on Governments to put maximum effort into COVID awareness programs through this summer ahead of economic “rebuilding” because consumer confidence based on complacency is short-sighted and potentially devastating to society and the economy and thus businesses.

While scientific advancements especially on vaccines show enormous potential to end the pandemic, Australia is not likely to be significantly protected before our next critical period from late Autumn through Winter, and even then there are issues which may yet derail these programs.

Businesses that choose to go above and beyond in their COVID safety, in an authentic and transparent fashion, reduce their risk of standing on a “COVID landmine” due to the reduction of transmission risk on their premise and\or by their workers.

In a pandemic such as this, however, it is virtually impossible to reduce risk to zero. Still businesses that have been seen to go the extra distance to protect the health of their customers are likely to retain a greater proportion of clientele if the worst should happen and the business is named as a centre for a cluster.

Spending vast sums after an incident occurs to reduce the risk of transmission on the premise and to give the perception of greater safety is likely to be far more costly and may be less effective at retaining clientele.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

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