End Racism!

That the statement above the photo is relevant to me as an individual means that it is of equal relevance to my nation… We can never deal with our issues if we lack the courage to “pull back the carpet” and admit to our failings… Admitting errors and failings is what takes true courage, not the toxic masculinity crap that the racists’ “heroes” go on with on their pay tv megaphone… It is time for those with the real courage to stand up and use words, compassion and yes, love (that most frightening thing of all to the emotionally-challenged – vulnerability), to denounce the aggressive and divisive language from those whose egos prevent them from admitting they idolised an “unhinged” turkey in a suit for 4 years… they seem intent on growing their hate in our home so the time for timidity and fence-sitting has passed… It is time that racists really knew they are the true minority in our proudly fair and humble nation…

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