The Issues With Investing in Chinese Companies

Earlier Comment: from “Early Signs of Negative Wealth Effect” at on 7 February 2019 [In an earlier comment on this thread] I inferred that I had used the weakness in stocks at the end of 2018 to buy into numerous Chinese stocks, and that I felt that the tough conditions ahead would benefit theseContinue reading “The Issues With Investing in Chinese Companies”

Signs of Trouble in Brisbane: Forerunner for the Nation?

Comment on on 3 November 2017 at Money News 31.10.2017: I was at a small suburban shopping centre 8 kms south of Brisbane CBD that has 5 or so restaurants, and 2 fish and chips takeaways as well as several chain takeaways, at 7.15 last Thursday picking up some takeout… Two cars in theContinue reading “Signs of Trouble in Brisbane: Forerunner for the Nation?”

Coming Soon: “Product Miles” like Food Miles

Comment on 13 April 2018 on at ABC Nightlife: The following is perhaps more a “weekend read”, but I think this really needs to begin to be dealt with… The more important issue around retailing in Australia, in my opinion, is the impact of the throw-away society on the environment, especially in relation toContinue reading “Coming Soon: “Product Miles” like Food Miles”

Smarties to Exploit Monetarily (STEM): Australia does not value human capital

Comment on 9 February 2018 at Why Helicopter Parenting Can Set Kids Up For a Crash: Thanks for sharing that very thought-provoking article, Roger. “He believes many of us get deluded by a phenomenon known as survivorship bias, where we only see the winners … and do not properly observe the losers.” That is preciselyContinue reading “Smarties to Exploit Monetarily (STEM): Australia does not value human capital”