Investment Theme: Product and Food Miles

In this section I will concentrate heavily on my upbringing in rural Queensland because the trends are perhaps even more marked, and thus serve as an excellent example, but these same trends are just as relevant in urban centres. When I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in northern Queensland, every Saturday morning theContinue reading “Investment Theme: Product and Food Miles”

Let’s Wage War on Climate Change

War… Wo, wo, wo, what is it good for… I never cease to be amazed by the predisposition of human beings for wasting resources, but in reality the greatest waste of human beings through history has been OF human beings (as in their lives). To get a flavour of this there are several convenient sourcesContinue reading “Let’s Wage War on Climate Change”

Consumers Have Too Little Animal Spirits, House Buyers Too Much… Really??

I can easily imagine how confused must be the typical Australian household. At the beginning of last week we were told in a private data release that in November 2019 house prices across the nation increased at their quickest rate in 16 years By the end of the week we were told how weak wasContinue reading “Consumers Have Too Little Animal Spirits, House Buyers Too Much… Really??”

Fourth Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 1945 Reproduced here in full from The Avalon Project: documents in law, history and diplomacy, Yale Law School. Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. Vice President, my friends, you will understand and, I believe, agree with my wish that the form of this inauguration be simple and its words brief. We Americans of today,Continue reading “Fourth Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt”

Xenophobia Must Be Challenged For An Effective Response To Climate Change Inclusive of Global Population Growth

Population growth is not the only taboo that needs addressing for humanity to overcome climate change; to do so effectively we first need to deal with Xenophobia and the inequality it creates I am as big a fan of Sir David Attenborough as anybody. In fact it is safe to say that his mesmerising narrationContinue reading “Xenophobia Must Be Challenged For An Effective Response To Climate Change Inclusive of Global Population Growth”

The Authenticity Piece For Leadership is Right in My Wheelhouse

I have been banging on about the lack of leadership in Australia for over a decade. In the lead up to the 2010 Federal Election I had a letter read on “60 Minutes” supporting Mark Latham’s urge to voters to donkey vote (or intentionally ensure that their vote was informal) because he articulated the reason,Continue reading “The Authenticity Piece For Leadership is Right in My Wheelhouse”

Investment Theme: Developing Asia ex-China

In my early 2019 posts on China I was relatively early in recognising this as a historical reframing of the democratic West’s engagement with the emerging autocratic power. As the talking heads on television – selling flows in share/stock purchases – implored investors to position for an expedient solution to the trade spat, I remainedContinue reading “Investment Theme: Developing Asia ex-China”

Upcoming Posts

I am working on a number of important pieces which will be posted in due course. Please subscribe to be notified of new posts at the bottom of this page. Upcoming posts include: Major Release: Xenophobia must be addressed for an effective response to climate change inclusive of global population growth (published 2/12/19) Investment Theme:Continue reading “Upcoming Posts”

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